Both bamboo and silk sheets are considered to be luxury bed linen australia and top quality. However, bamboo sheets have a few qualities that are beneficial to us and the planet which is worth highlighting




Silk may seem like the more comfortable option because it is well known to be silky and smooth. However, silk can become quite slippery and the tight weave can prevent good air-flow and cause night sweats. Bamboo is a much more breathable and wicks moisture away which keep you cool at night.


Bamboo sheets are relatively easy to take care of. It can be washed in washing machine on gentle cycle and with proper care can last for years.

Silk sheets requires extra maintenance and care due to the delicate nature of the fabric, a small error in maintenance and care may require replacing the sheets.


Both silk and bamboo have hypoallergenic properties. However bamboo has the added anti-bacterial and is also odor resistant and antifungal.


Bamboo is a lot cheaper compare with silk nearly half, however shares similar texture and softness with silk.


Bamboo sheets requires less water to grow and does not require any pesticides. However, silk is produced by thread produced from silkworms that are then killed once the process is over. This makes it not entirely eco-friendly.

In conclusion, we recommend the upgrade to best bamboo sheets australia as they are more affordable compared to silk sheets, have better benefits to the plants and us, and are easy to maintain.

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