Why is Bamboo sheets good for hot sleeper

Don’t we all love to jump in soft, comfortable and fresh bed linen after a long day of work. However, sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night, uncomfortable and covered in sweat. The feeling of sheets sticking to your body and waking you up at night is unpleasant.



The good news is there are bed sheets that can keep you cool and dry for the night. As Australia’s leading bamboo bedding retailer selling best bed sheets australia, we have compiled a list of reasons why you should invest in bamboo sheets for night sweats.

Most people like to sleep in cotton sheets, whilst you will find the sheets are comfortable however you are missing out on the other benefits of bamboo sheets. The bamboo threads are very breathable and lightweight, which assists heavily in keeping you cool during the night. Studies have shown bamboo sheets have been found to keep your body temperature on average three degrees cooler than cotton bedding.

Bamboo sheets Australia also have temperature regulating properties which keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Bamboo fabric does not trap heat, it wicks moisture away from your skin and into the fabric before it evaporate without wetting the sheets.

It also dissipate body odour and deter bacteria. Bamboo fabric is gentle on your skin whilst avoiding absorbing nasties like body oils and bacteria. Bamboo sheets are microbial, killing off any bugs and keeping your bed sheets feeling fresh.

If you’re wanting uninterrupted sleep, look no further than bamboo sheets for night sweats. Try our 100% organic bamboo sheets you will be obsessed. Check out our exclusive range of quality, best bedding australia, including bamboo duvet covers, sheet sets and bamboo pillow cases today.

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